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Bob Bigelow - March 4th 2015 at 7PM at Radnor Middle School

The Radnor Athletic Associations member organizations - Radnor Soccer Club, Radnor Wayne Little League, Radnor Girls Youth Lacrosse, Radnor Boys Youth Lacrosse and Radnor Basketball -  are of the  pleased to announce that they are  co-sponsoring a talk by Bob Bigelow on March 4 at 7:00 at the Radnor Middle School Auditorium.  Bob Bigelow is a former basketball player at Penn and the NBA and has spent the last twenty years sharing his perspectives on how to shape youth development in sports.

Bob’s perspectives have been published in Sports Illustrated, the New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer and he has spoken at a number of conferences including the Nike Sports “State of the Game” and has been a featured speaker at the Naismith Museum Hall of Fame.  Bob has also written a book called Just Let the Kids Play that describes organized youth sports’ major systemic problems and offers many reforms for better changes.

Bob’s mission is to put the youth back into youth sports. If you have a son or daughter who plays any sport in Radnor we encourage you to attend.   Bob provides a thought provoking discussion on parental involvement, multi-sport participation and when to specialize in a particular sport.

Bob spoke to the Radnor sports community 8 years ago and it is a speech many in the community still remember.  In many ways it has helped to shape the philosophy in the Radnor sports community.  We strongly encourage at least one parent to attend this humorous and educational talk.